Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 10

The House of the Rising Sun

We Points travelled from Castle Ravenloft unmolested, as Lord Strahd promised. On our way to Zeidenburg we stopped in an inn for the night, but were ambushed by the proprietor. She was some kind of cannibal, and had a ghoul in tow. We sent them both to the Morning Lord. We found evidence of their foul appetite in the basement: piles of bones and personal effects. I cleaned and cleansed the basement, sanctifying the grounds to give rest to the dead. I repainted the sign to befit it’s newly anointed nature: The House of the Rising Sun.
In Zeidenburg, we found a family who told us that vampires were overtaking the town, killing people every night. We sent them to The House of the Rising Sun and told them to live there, freely given. On the way back through I intend to stop and erect a small shrine to the Morning Lord, instruct the family in His ways with the the intention of ordaining them eventually. Another Beacon of light in the dark landscape.
We made our way immediately to Lyssa’s manor and dispatched her guardians. Within we found many abominations, one even taking me out of the fight for a moment, but He brought me back and filled me with righteous fury.
We left none standing.
The beasts all slain, we searched through the place,and I stumbled upon an ancient tome Ina beautiful hand. I’ve been wrapped in it every spare moment since, quickly surmising that it is the tale of Strahd, written by his own hand. I’ve not put it down since. I finished moments ago and immediately put pen to paper. He mentions a young girl he believes is the reincarnation of his lost love Tatyana. Could this be Saima’s daughter, or does he have many young girls hostage in those labyrinthine halls? Do he believe her daughter is his dead love? Is he truly mad? I shall not mention this to Saima until more is known.
Also in the journal was a retelling of the encounter with Azalin in which he sold us out. Strahd had hinted as much had happened, but it’s interesting to have confirmation. Does the ancient lich truly fear us? This could be advantageous to us, to me in my path to eternal servitude of the light.



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