Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 11

Dawn always comes

Many evils have I faced, and in facing each come into contact with. Not mere physical contact, but deeper, within my soul. Yet each time it is cleansed anew by His light. In besting an evil force, more of His warmth and hue washes over me, burning away the darkness fighting to take hold.
Until now.
Never have I felt such darkness. Not even in the presence of Lord Strahd, in his halls, did I feel This. Was he merely concealing it from me or, in severing Strahd’s ties to his land did some small part take hold of me? What of the other Points? I shall have to be ever more vigilant in ensuring none of my fellows are taken in by the dark. Perhaps once the Lord himself is defeated I will once again feel the warm light on my face and in my soul.
We Points have broken his connections to the Fanes, stripping some of his power and exposing vulnerabilities not before realized by his past opponents. He is scared of us. Perhaps he was truly not when first we met, though I think he is smarter than to ignore Azalin’s weariness. But if he was not before, he is now. He shrouds his castle in poison mist, but the dawn always comes, and the mist always burns away.
We come for you, Strahd. No shadow is deep enough in His light.



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