Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 12

Heart of Darkness

We have entered Castle Ravenloft once more, and I suspect, for the final time. Either we walk out and Strahd is defeated or we never leave it’s towering heights again. I suspect His light will see us through, but I’m not such a fool as to believe victory is assured. The fiend met us as we crossed the threshold of his castle with a host of guardians in tow. He shied back from the light I bared to him but was not as perturbed as I had expected. He is the Lord of his domain and we are the intruders, so he has the advantage. I must remember this.
I have an advantage over him, though. I have learned many of his most personal secrets and vampiric powers. This has enabled me to learn how to better destroy him, and vampires in general.
I am also coming very close to deciphering the ritual to transcend mortality and become a Baelnorn. I feel I am on the right path here, but I will present it to the group when I understand exactly how it will work. I expect some of them to be uneasy about such a powerful weilding of the energies of life, but hopefully they will have faith, in His wisdom if not my own.



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