Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 13

On light and fire

A moment of peace amongst the chaos. We have just now eliminated a great guardian that lived beneath the waters of the dungeon. We have rapidly progressed through Castle Ravenloft, attuning all three of Strahd’s lost artifacts in quick succession. These were the three keys we were told needed to unlock the heart of the devil’s power and drive a stake into it, and we achieved it within an hour of first stepping foot in the castle. It was almost as if a guiding light highlighted every step we need take.
Another important task we came to accomplish, perhaps the most important, was to save Saima’s daughter Astrid. We found her immediately after completing the three artifacts. The child was skittish at first, but collectively we put her at ease and she accepted her mother’s embrace. The change over her was momentous. Such things cannot be faked or subverted by the darkness. A mother’s touch will always rekindle flame in her child’s heart.
Praise be unto Him, for His light is just & true, and it shall shine upon Strahd’s smoldering visage fore the night gives way to day. We are the light and the sun, and we shall rise above this as the sun does every morning, chasing away the fog and the dark once and for all.



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