Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 6

Paths cross

Happenings collide and I would be a fool to consider them chance. The Morning Lord brought us here so that I may track and stop the scarecrow scoundrel, this much is clear. I am on his trail now, for I have found that a man seeking a similar such potion was here only weeks ago and that he bed at least two women, quitting with one in the night. The other, poor soul, has been slain only three nights ago by some mad man or monster known locally as “The Beast”, whom we had determined not to hunt initially, for time waits for no man, most of all the virtuous, and were we to slay every evil we hear whispers of Strahd would as like to die of old age before we found him!
But He is sending me a message again, surely, for no sooner did we decide to move on then I found the trail of my scoundrel and his path, in a way, converged with that of The Beast.
We’ve recently run afoul of the local law, as well. Bunch of drunks and bullies all, near as I can tell. Still, we only subdued them, lest we start killing men for the meagerest of sins. Perhaps they’ll learn a valuable lesson from their beating. More likely they’ll just take it out on someone wholly innocent and meek to make themselves feel strong.
Morning Lord, protect those of this land who cannot do for themselves.



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