Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 7

Come What May

Time gets away from me and my chronicles suffer for it. I hope The Morning Lord can forgive this small sin in light of all the good His emissary has done. His emissary, I like the feel of that. Recently a spectre wailed at us, asking who dare disrupt her masters plans and I informed her that I was the emissary of The Morning Lord, and invited her to come see His Light. Perhaps a bit self-grandizing, but no less true for the deeds I have done in His name of late. We have slain two Dark Lords since last I thought to track my progress, those of Darkov and Varostakov. We are lately in Barovia, Lucas’ home of Vallaki, in point of fact. It is a pretty little town on a glistening blue lake.
Upon our arrival, several problems came to light and we took it upon our shoulders to help in fixing this place. Nothing we wouldn’t do anywhere else, but since Lucas once made home here it felt even more important. He, after all, helped us in our home; It’s only right we repay that favor.
The murder of two cousins became our top priority, and missing elves and civil unrest also needed our attention; but first a Vistani seer, the second of three foretold gave us all a reading, save the newcomer to our midst. Just as well, he was not part of the first reading, who knows what his inclusion would have done to the predictions. Everyone got some kind of hint about a trial and a power that would come to them, except myself. I drew The Fool, which spoke of conflict and a grim fate with Strahd. However Lucas detected something not forthcoming in her demeanor when she spoke of my fortune. Is it possible that she is the one not to be trusted? Or is there something she is worried about in me? Perhaps my claims of His emissary are not so far off the mark.
But if I am to meet my fate at the hands of Strahd then so be it. The light does not shy away from the encroaching dark, for it knows it will come again with the dawn.



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