Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 8

On the Trail of Terror

In Vallaki, as previously mentioned, we had three tasks set before us: solve the murder of two cousins, discover what was making dusk elves disappear and unearth the source of civil unrest in one district of the town. We decided that murder was the most urgent, lest more killings take place. We exhumed the bodies of the Watcher cousins and, using the insight granted by the Morning Lord, I peered into the last moments of their lives. Both had been slain by a hooded monk with unnatural speed and a lion pendant. He sought specifically to end their family line, and did so,they being the last. I then asked their corpses some questions, discovering a secret in the family: that of an old mausoleum deep in the woods behind the property.
Praise be unto the Morning Lord for these abilities, that we may avenge these wronged souls. Though I momentarily trespass upon their rest, it is only to bring them a final rest free of evil. The very fact that He has granted me such gifts tells me that I am on the right path in seeking eternal life here that I might always spread his life in the dark places of this dread realm.
We next journeyed to the elves, discovering they resided near the secret mausoleum. Their leader, Kasimir, informed us that he was charged with keeping any away from the mausoleum by the senior Watcher many years before. He entrusted us with the secret, seeing that the Watchers were no more. In the mausoleum we found evidence of an attempted grave robbing and a sanguine feast by a dark dweller. Surely this vampire must be the same creature that murdered the Watchers. We discovered that he is likely of the Dilisnya family, long since gone. How long was the wretch imprisoned in that tomb? It is no wonder he sought to destroy the Watchers, nevermind that this generation had no knowledge of their progenitors sins.
There was no trace of this creature in town, so we decided to hunt down the missing elves in hopes that they would lead us to him. Upon finding them, though, we only discovered more questions. They were all animated under the control of a spectre, who warned us not to interfere with her master, Strahd. If there were any doubt that he was aware of us, it has now been dissolved. His light dispatched her minions, freeing the poor elves while Lucas used his control of the wild to turn her into a chicken and the rest of the Points slew her as easy as one would expect to slay a chicken. An odd moment, certainly.
Having discovered the missing elves we delivered the grim news to Kasimir, who informed us the spectre was his sister in life. Let her be at peace, now, Morning Lord.
Feeling ourselves on a roll, we next sought out the source of the fighting in the Thaani district. We found ourselves more apparent than we usually are, which is quite,surrounded by tattooed people watching us warily. The wrongness was palpable there, drawing us to a house at the center of town.
Within the house was a tableau of madness: creatures from a Far Realm and all manner of books and writings on things better left unknown. Venturing up we found the source of the I’ll feeling, a creature inhabiting the previous resident, a librarian who hungered for more knowledge. I sympathized with the soul and dispatched his body with no joy. Outside the change was immediate.
We then sought out a woman who we believed last to have seen the mysterious monk vampire. It was clear to me that her mind had been tampered with and, with the aid of my new friend Father Lucian, removed the block the vampire had imposed upon Lady Yelena Aresek. It was not perfectly done, and she suffered some for which I am sorry, but memories forgotten can often be painful. More painful, even, than the bite of a vampire, which Lady Aresek had suffered at the monk’s hands.
Remembering what we learned, along with some new know gained, we put together that Lady Aresek’s blood might help hide the monk from The Darklord due to blood ties.
We paid a visit to Brom at the Inn to get any other info we might need out of him before seeking the Monastery of the White Sun. After some convincing he revealed that he belonged to some secret Order that sought to overthrow the Darklord, Strahd. Apparently Strahd is a vampire, though not the one we seek, Leo Dilisnya. Leo is a former employee of Strahd, renowned for his brutality. I shall bathe him in His light and cleanse him of his affliction.



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