Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 10

The cost of indulgence

Their foe slain, his doomsaying revealed unto the points of Your light trouble upon the green. Approaching that unwholesome place, three necromancers could be seen in waiting, a host of vampires at their beck and call. Your light cleansed many, but the battle was not won easily. Fusan was eventually killed, Lestin captured and Dayan fled to warn Roche and the others that the points had come to wipe them from the face of this land, in Your mercy.
Those that would oppose waited patiently as the points entered, grimacing at the carnage before them. Many lied dead, cannibilized and drained of blood. Vampires stood, grinning evilly as Roche bad the points enter and join him. Nary had his words reached Your humble servant’s ears when he, caught in the horror, flung himself in the center of the undead scourge and cleansed them all.
The other points wasted no time, dispatching Dayan and surrounding Roche, celestial for JeJura though he may have been. The divine wrath and the walker between harried Roche constantly, even when he tried to use the seer to shield him from harm.
Finally, Barlow escaped his greasy clutches and the blackheart was put down, howling JeJura’s praise the whole time.
Many dead were to be accounted for and buried. The points dictated that a monument might be built in their honor, but also as warning to the excesses of temptation.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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