Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 11

Black speech & blacker acts

Dark tidings found the points: Vosk would make his annual speech, and then murder was revealed.
The victim: Lirn, the apothecary, found in his shop killed by vampires. Your light gave the man voice one last time and his truth was revealed to the points. Not vampires, but a dark cabal with evil designs yet to be revealed.
Further murders committed, including the wife of Councilman Grayson. Your light once more gave voice to the dead and the poor corpse revealed her husband as her aggressor, in coordination with the devil Al-Keymer.
The devil launched an attack upon the points, but was easily bested, claiming vengeance to come and souls to be reaped.
The points on the hunt, the conspirators were rapidly revealed: a Watchman named Revince, and several other fellows as well. His twisted plot soon understood, to give the souls of the people of Miredus on the green during Vosk’s announcement to Al-Keymer and ensure their escape from this dark realm.
When confronted with the reality of failure in the sewers beneath the green, Revince responded by sacrificing his ally in the name of Al-Keymer, giving him mortal form once more.
The points bested evil once more and the men were brought to justice.
That night on the green, justice was meted out in the form of a dark champion dragging several of the men behind his black stallion, while Vosk chastised the Council for not keeping the people safe.
Not for the first time, Your humble servant wondered if the correct choice had been made.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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