Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 6

Vengeance begot

The five points of light, collected, ventured deep into the heart of the Dark Isle, seeking those lost but not truly so.
Upon the summit of a mountain they sat, not in rest but in waiting, unliving and seeking vengeance. Your humble servant pushed them from the points with Your light, the points dispatching them to rest once more.
Upon the once-Captain was the spy glass of note, which inspecting, gave Barlow a covetous gleam.
The points returned to the ship, wearily. The Briney Pigs crew had changed in demeanor, cold and vicious. Soon it was revealed by Saima, Lucas, Garrett and Zephyram that the crew had unpure intentions and caution was taken.
True motives came revealed when Meridus was in sight, the crew offering subjugation, not succor. The points fought in Your name in defense of their home and were true. Flames cleansed the taint of the Briney Pig from the land, and the unholy sharks took their due.
A calm finally took your humble servant, but with it came unneeded wakefulness.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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