Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 837

Cosmic Event R182-S327-N093: The star Cadris comes into both a contrary and concordant alignment with the star Mordred, a star of ill portent which is also known as the Emperor. This particular star has changed since Miredus was spirited away to this new realm. While the star itself has intensified in its brightness it now seems to absorb the light of stars near it. It worries me that the stars of my companions and I are so close to it.
I suppose this is as good a time as any to discuss the five stars which have aligned with my own. The star Galtris was, prior to coming to this bleak place, a star which was identical to our sun. After the night of no stars it had appeared Galtris had collapsed. It is still there, just in a diminished and degenerate form. It now draws itself closer to other stars, though not in a menacing way. I have determined this is Goodmans star. Many people vanished on that dark terrible night, perhaps some simply changed. It leaves my wondering who he was, but I tend to dislike prying into other people’s affairs. If he wishes to tell me, he will, until then my star charts imply no problems from his reluctance to open up.
The Rashlin nebula has not changed since our transportation. I would suspect it will, over the years, continue to create more identical stars. It seems obvious that the Deva, Zephyram Anoth, is tied to this nebula. Each star it produces is another life which the Deva has lived, floating out into the heavens to send its light to darker place. It ties quite perfectly into Zephyram’s quest to crush evil wherever it hides. I enjoy the irony of a creature as complex as a Deva being truly so simple in his aspirations. It’s almost humbling.
The star Vaishis has altered immensely since that faithful night. It was a warrior star before and I suppose it still is. It lost much of its light in the past 5 years most of it being drawn away by Acamar, the Corpse Star. The lesser star Astrid which at one point circled Vaishis was pulled from its orbit by Acamar. The Star Astrid still exists however. This star belongs to the lovely Lady Saima Tsaruka. 5 years ago this young mothers family was murdered by vampires, her daughter Astrid, lost. I can’t begin to explain how in awe I was at discovering that Saima’s daughters name coincided with her stars name. I believe I will inform Saima that her daughter is still alive, though lost. Dark forces are keeping her star adrift, but the hope I might grant Saima may give her the strength to bring her daughters star back into alignment.
Zalbraik is a comet which screams through the sky seemingly at random. Zalbraik’s path pulls it away from the Laxis Cluster, a star system with no rhyme, nor reason to its orbits. This must be Garret. The man wields disorder like a battle axe. He also has made comments about our nation being peaceful. I assume he means comparatively peaceful. I would love to divine Garrets unspoken past, but I can make neither heads nor tails of the Laxis Cluster and whether or not any other stars have a bearing on them. I can still foresee his immediate future in stars, hopefully that means I can stay at least half a step ahead of whatever it is he’s fleeing from.
Lastly is a new star which did not exist in our old world. I have come to simple call it Ursa, or the Bear Star. All signs point to this star being an omen of resilience and fortitude. This star is heavily pursued by the hungry powers of Acamar. At some point also it was influenced by the star Allabar, Opener of the Way. It leads me to think this star once stood for something else. This star belongs to the elf named Lucas. I believe he has always resided in the dark realm. His connection to Acamar makes me think his past is tied to vampires, same as Saima, unlike her though he is beyond Acamar’s grip, for now. He has disclosed nothing of his past and so I will wait until he is comfortable to tell us. I will watch his stars, and hopefully Acamar does not draw closer to him.
Oh yes, the truth of Cosmic Event Q946-S294-M976 manifested to us. The two stars drawn to us by Malikain, the Opponent, were revealed. A pair of wicked fae were stealing and using children in town as their food source. We defeated these monsters of course, as that fate was already written in the stars, unfortunately so was the death of 4 of the children. Morstael, the Weeper was holding control over this entire event. It’s sad of course but one cannot dwell too heavily on the inevitable, in the end we must all accept our fates.



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