Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 852

Cosmic Event R236-S339-N114: The night sky dissolves. What is left in its place might as well be the sky of another time and place. Certain stars prove their omnipotence to over all things. Stars such as Delban, Caiphon, Acamar, and others of their ilk. Though currently it has lost its ascendance Mordred holds power, 2nd only to Acamar and one other. The 6 celestial bodies Galtris, Caldris, Rashlin, Vaishis, Zalbrik and Ursa have come into concordance with the blue star Capria, the Mariner. On this new night, Capria rules over all.

I have come to a horrifying discovery with this last examination of the heavens. The very stars of this strange land alter depending on which “realm” you currently reside in. Last evening the fates of my 5 allies and I were irrevocably tied to the star Mordred, which at this point I am all but positive is the star of King Faydan, and now Capria holds our futures in tow. I have not yet determined if Capria belongs to Captain Cresson, or this blasted realm’s original captain, a man named Fermier. Oh yes, in all of my anxiety I have gotten ahead of myself, you see, I have seen dire portents, but I will get to that in a moment. Anyway, we are currently on board a ship known as the Briny Pig. We have been tasked by master Durgan, of the Nights Watch, to assist the crew of this ship in exchange for information about “Ravenloft”, which is apparently the name of this dreadful place we have been spirited away to. To make things even worse Gibbith, a star of pure madness, reaches its power to our stars. This is very worrisome as it would seem soon we will enter a new realm, and while I am fairly certain we will prevail over Gibbiths power, I cannot be sure. The stars had once provided me with the solace of certainty, but even that has been stripped from us in this shadowed nightmare of a world. I worry though that Gibbith is not the worst thing which may befall us. Rising high above even the star Capria rests Janos, the Broken Mirror, a portent of duplicity. I have been second guessing myself so much recently, I worry I am not as effective as I may normally be. These last few days have crippled me with fear. A fear I have not felt in years: the fear of the unknown.



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