Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 928

Cosmic Event R264-S386-N131: The Corpse Star Acamar reaches its horrid power out towards Caldris, Galtris, the Rashlin nebula, Ursa, Vaishis, and Zalbraik as Mordred slackens its own grip, simply letting Acamar attempt to consume them, while Janos the Broken Mirror hangs in a contrary path attempting to hide the connection. Halitaus, the Immortal rises asendent over Caldris, and Vaishis aligns in a contrary alignment, all the while Nox slips between the stars breaking the paths of the stars and shifting fate in its own image.

After a week’s worth of slow nights where I have been able to amply study the stars which hang around Mordred I must regretfully accept that this quiet peace is at an end. There has been a lull in Mordreds ascendance, and Acamar has taken control. I can only assume that since Acamar weighs so heavily on the stars of Lucas and Saima, both people with strong ties the vampires, that those wicked creatures of the night are coming to our desperate nation. What’s worse that they will come in disguise, one that somehow we will not be able to pierce. This week I have seen a number of stars vanish into Acamars event horizon; there will be deaths, I cannot stop that, I can only play my part in saving the ones that are to be saved. On a positive note I will be nigh unstoppable in the events that will be unfolding shortly. The Immortal star’s convergence with my own stars path means this is all but certain. The other event that disturbs me is that if I am reading the events properly, then Saima was very close to hurting me a few days ago. The Laxis cluster is influencing her behavior; she may even be on the brink of madness. I am safe for now, but I will have to watch her. I would hate to see her loose herself before the time of Astrid returning to alignment around Vaishis. She does miss her daughter so, but here in Ravenloft I believe we all miss something.



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