Lost in the Mists

Strange times

When we rejoined it became obvious that we served as a reminder to each other of the darkness we had encountered. I could see the pain they were all trying to hide, and how it impacted their personalities. I wonder if they could notice it too? The signs were subtle, except for Goodman. He became blunt and short tempered to the point of being rude. He called me out for not knowing what a vampire was, apparently it’s common knowledge where they come from and it is what Saima is. I let it slip that I had been watching them for months before approaching them, I hope they don’t think of me differently.

We saw a ship approaching during our watch. I’ve never seen a ship in person before but judging by everyone’s reaction this one was impressive. A smaller boat came out to greet us, and while we didn’t trust the man we believed he intended us no harm. We followed him and I kept an eye on him while I rested. He took pleasure in being cruel to the woman he brought in his room, but only with his words. Had he hurt her physically we would have intervened. Normally I wouldn’t state something so obvious but given how dark things have been I feel the need.

We agreed to help the crew of the ship, called the Briny Pig by the way, in return they would tell us about Ravenloft and give food and grain to the town. Our initial meeting with the captain was very informative. He explained that the landscape of Ravenloft is always changing, growing actually as new lands are transported here. I helped fill in his map a little with my limited knowledge of Barovia.

As we embarked to retrieve the former captain’s spyglass we were attacked by a strange creature that lived in the water. It spoke to us in our minds, and it was trying to diminish our will to fight. It even used it’s power to make us attack one another. We defeated it and made our way to shore, where I worry about what we will encounter next.



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