Lost in the Mists

The beginning of the end

It is with a heavy heart, and a strong sense of resignation that I find myself keeping this record. I begin this record as written proof that I was once a man of depth and honor. I know now that Fate can not be avoided. I can already feel myself slipping further into that which I have fought so long to avoid. Vosk’s death was not just the end of his reign, but seems to also have been the beginning of the end of my already tenuous grip on reality and order. Much like it was Fated that it be my hand to bring end to Vosk’s life, thus it is clear that I can not escape my other Fate, as the chosen of Soahc. So be it.
The crown weighs heaviest upon he who does not wish to rule.

{all words written backwards are where I slip from Common to Primordial without noticing}



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