Lucas Rien-Bel

Man on the run


He is covered in scratches, has sunken eyes revealing a lack of sleep, and isn’t wearing much other than some hide armor and clothes so dirty that their original color is lost.


I’ll never forget the last time I saw my dear Dianna. She was smiling and telling me not to worry. She would only be working at Count Strahd’s castle for a few months. She didn’t believe any of the rumors about him and her comfort was contagious. I grew worried after three months had passed. I had to be discreet when trying to check up on her, after all why would a nobleman have any interest in a common baker? My efforts turned up nothing and I fell deeper and deeper into despair. Another several months passed and people I hired to look into Dianna’s disappearance started disappearing themselves. This was not good, I would have to leave and leave soon before I was discovered as their employer. Before I could make proper plans to escape a messenger arrived with an invitation to a feast at Strahd’s castle.
My worry caused me to drink much that night and as I slept I had a horrible dream. I saw Dianna’s ghost and it warned me to stay away from Strahd’s castle, he knew I posed a threat to him and I would not leave there alive. I woke covered in sweat and shaking with fear, but I knew it was just my imagination. My fear trying to make escape seem the best option. But I had to wait another couple of weeks before I could safely escape. I planned on going to the party and leaving early after claiming I felt ill.
As we approached his castle fear gripped my heart tight. Had it always looked this menacing? As we entered the main gate I looked out the window of my carriage and saw Dianna’s ghost. She looked sad and pleading and I heard her say “it’s not too late, you can still leave now.” Before I realized what I was doing I had punched my driver in the face and jumped out of the carriage and ran into the woods. I could hear dogs chasing me through the woods, and when I caught a glimpse of them they looked as though they had been made of nothing but darkness. I ran as fast as I could, praying to the gods to give me some supernatural burst of speed. And to my surprise my prayers were answered. I was no longer a man, but a bear running instinctively to the nearest body of water so the dogs would lose my scent.
I’m not sure how long I stayed hidden underwater, but it was longer than I would have thought possible before tonight. My lungs burned as I came to the surface. I knew this was my new home, and my new instincts kicked in again and I knew how to live off the land. I have remained ever vigilant these past few years, looking for a way to strike back at Strahd. Watching the different towns and cities from the woods. I have found a group of unlikely heroes from another place, they seem unaware of the evils of this world and of its master. Perhaps I can help them and they can help me. Because despite my best efforts I know it isn’t long before those dogs find me.

Lucas Rien-Bel

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