Strahd von Zarovich

The Dark Lord of Barovia


Strahd von Zarovich XI has not been seen in public and none can claim to know his apparence.

Rumors tell that Strahd is from a line of Von Zarovichs that display dark hair and eyes. Strahd von Zarovich I was a great warrior and his statues still can be seen in the town of Barovia. The First of his line, he was tall and powerfully built, with dark hair and black eyes.


Strahd von Zarovich XI is the current ruler of Barovia. Ruling from a far and interacting little in the daily affairs of his kingdom, Strahd is still feared by the populace that refer to him as “the Devil Strahd”.

Dark rumors circulate around Strahd: that he is immortal, changing his name every fifty years or so, that he preys on the people of Barovia, that he steals the children and maidens of the land, that he is a necromancer.

The truth to any of these rumors is unknown, but few ever attempt to go to Castle Ravenloft. Those that do never return.

Strahd von Zarovich

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