The Gentleman Caller

A devilishly handsome stranger


This mysterious man is described as incredibly handsome and dressed in rich clothing. The gentleman exudes an air of wealth and sophistication. There are conflicting reports of his features, though a constant appears to be his deep purple eyes. He is soft spoken and very charming. Even with these features, some who meet the stranger feel that he is quite dangerous.


The little that is known of the Caller can be pieced together through different stories. He has been active in the Mists for at least the past century and seems to be present at many important events in the realm’s history.

The stories suggest that he actively seeks out young women to bed, leaving them with his child. It is whispered that many bastards across the Core are his spawn.

Death and darkness appear to follow him as well. The darklord of Nova Vassa was greatly interested in the Caller.

The Gentleman Caller seems to be in a rush where ever he goes and may be pursued by The Carnival

The Gentleman Caller

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