Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 15

I am become Light

I am changed. The glowing yellow fires in the hollows where my eyes once perched are the only outward indicator, but I can feel it within, as well. The Morning Lord has bestowed eternal life upon me, so that I might walk the earth and shine His light into the darkest of places, helping the needy, healing the sick, and cleansing the foul.
We have left Ravenloft in our wake, not only the castle but the entire land. Lands. A mysterious figure informed us that we Points had succeeded in our mission to destroy the vile place when we bested Lord Strahd, and the darkness within him. But the remaining evils were let loose upon their places of origin once more. Unfortunate, yes, but at least now the multitudes of innocent lives have been given a chance to do more than eek out a pitiful existence hiding from the dark, evil things imprisoned there. Yes, we have released a horde of evil from the shackles of Ravenloft, but we Points, now more than ever, are equipped to find, and destroy, any and all things freed by our actions.
And once more I can hear His voice: Pelor. He who first spoke with me, warned me of my errors. I have been given light and a second chance by The Morning Lord, and now I must prove myself worthy to Pelor.



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