Drought War

The Drought War was a conflict that occurred six years ago on the continent of Jura that only lasted three months. The war was given it’s name-sake related to the devestating drought that struck Miredus, but left the other four local kingdoms (Resimir, Grullan, Endril and Strava) untouched. Regent Vosk Faydan begged the other kingdoms for aid, citing the previous kindness of Tobias IV and the concessions at the end of the King’s War, but the other kingdoms ignored the plea of Miredus.

The people of Miredus were enraged and Vosk made several impassioned speeches stating that the other kingdoms were allowing Miredus to perish in the drought in order to sack the city. At the start of autumn, Vosk took the King’s Blade, now doubled in strength through volunteering, with the Miredian army and attacked Endril. The assault was so amazingly planned and skillfully carried out that Endril was sacked within the week. As the other three kingdoms mobilized for a response, Vosk moved with magical speed to the south and crushed the army of Strava. He moved on Strava, murdered the royal family and brought the people to heel. Spoils from these two surprising victories saved Miredus and brought the other kingdoms to plea for immediate peace.

Vosk turned these pleas aside, mocking them and noting that they had turned their backs on Miredus. He marched on Resimir and Grullan, destroying the armies and sacking the city. The bloodshed was horrifying, with most of the people of Resimir dying in defense of the city and the Grullans being executed by the King’s Blade.

These victories made Miredus the most powerful nation in Jura. This was short-lived, for weeks later on the last day of the year, something terrible happened at Vosk’s coronation as King.

Drought War

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