Eleventh of the Second Moon, 470

I’ve been trapped in the Mists for a lifetime.

Longer than that in fact.

But the time is approaching that perhaps I will not be trapped in this prison any longer. I have been focusing on my arcane studies. Azalin has been a cruel teacher: mocking me at every turn, but even under this tutelage my arcane powers have grown greatly. And I have rewarded Azalin’s degradation with my own, treating him little better than a slave when we aren’t in a lesson. He hates me as much as I hate him. It pleases me that even with his arcane might, he is powerless against me in my domain.

Using the powerful scrying magicks Azalin taught me, I have seen outside of this mist-choked realm. Through the crystal orbs Azalin helped me create, I have spied a kingdom called Mordent. Its a humble land by a gray sea with rainy moors throughout the countryside. The Mordentish area simple people of fishermen and farmers, with some decadent aristocracy leading them. I do not recognize this kingdom and doubt it was ever part of my home world, but it represents something that I haven’t felt in a century: hope.

Azalin spoke of spells that can open planar portals to other worlds, but mocked that that was the first thing he ever thought of when he found himself in my domain. Planar magic does not seem to work in the Mists. I noted that perhaps if there was an artifact from the Mists, this barrier may be circumvented. Azalin scoffed at my idea at first, but then grudgingly accepted it as a plausible hypothesis.

We’ve been working on The Apparatus ever since. I saw we, but the work is mostly my own. Azalin barks orders to me, japing me at my designs, but offers little new insight. I actually think he is angry that he had not thought of it. How pathetic that such a great teacher cannot grasp his student’s insight.

I continue to be impressed with the Apparatus. It’s a towering device, thirty feet tall and constructed out of hard oak. At the top is a massive crystal ball, with smaller orbs stretched out on spokes. Azalin remarks that the position of the orbs mimics the planar position with the World Axis Cosmology model. A dozen large lighting rods are linked by platinum wire to the center crystal which Azalin dubs an “astral crystal”. The crystal converts lightning into magical energy. We only need to gather enough energy to power the machine and then I can open a portal to Mordent.

The Spring storms will be more than sufficient for this endeavor. As if he had a choice in the matter, Azalin has already yielded to allowing me first use of the machine.
Soon everything will be right once again. I will leave this horrible place.

Azalin speaks of using planar magic to travel through time. If this works, perhaps I can return to kinder days and prevent the tragic loss of Tatyana.

We shall see.

Eleventh of the Second Moon, 470

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