Fifth of the Ninth Moon, 458

The past several months have been very interesting. The lich Azalin has proved to be valuable, but he has added another enigma to the Mists.

The lich tells me that he was a king in a foreign land called “Darkon”. I immediately suspected that he was a liar for I knew of no such kingdom in the land that Barovia originally occupied… but he has fantastic magical power and is certainly arrogant enough to be a king.

He’s a liar regardless of whatever the truth may be.

Azalin’s power is great and he gloats that he could destroy me easily, but I have kept him in check with the same threat I made to Leo. He has yielded and agrees to my demands for we have the same goal: escape. Even still, there’s little trust between us and I fear our failure in escaping as much as I fear him having any secret of mine.

The little we’ve shared suggest that he is a lich of great magical power, and the former ruler of a large kingdom. Azalin is not his true name, but he would never give me such information. The lich ruled in shadow for decades after his mortal life had ended, and then ruled openly as an undead king. He was disposed finally and, in fleeing the capitol, he ran into a dense fog. He then found himself in my domain, taking over the town of Krezk.

Clearly there is much more to his story, but I doubt he’ll tell me. That information may be crutial, however I acknowledge a lack of reciprocity. The lich knows that I am a vampyr and that I killed my brother, but little else. He believes there is some connection between us, yet is uncertain. I believe that this connection is the key to our imprisonment.

For the time being, Azalin is loyal to me. Indeed, he is teaching me more of the Art, and his knowledge he greater than any tome in my library. Indeed, with his help I will become a great wizard. We work every night trying to unlock the prison of the Mists.

I am confident we will find a way out of this land. And I must stay ahead of Azalin. He will destroy me as soon as he is able. In light of this, I will destroy him the moment he stops being of use to me.

Fifth of the Ninth Moon, 458

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