Grandmother's House


Our players had been placed together as members of the Midnight Watch to protect the city from supernatural threats. Well respected for their courage, the Watch patrolled daily for threats and enemies. On this particular day, our heroes were assigned light duty inside the city proper. How ironic that it turned out to be far from “light” duty. Screams erupted in the late afternoon from the school house and the party raced towards the scene. There they found the school teachers brutally strangled and two disheveled assailants whose vacant eyes showed that they had everything that made them more than a pile of flesh and bones. A terrible fight followed and the party overcame these to bleak warriors. But alas, the children were missing.

Not stopping for anything, our cast raced to track down the missing children. Judging from the footprints, the twelve students were lead away by some tall but thin man. Using their cunning and speed, they followed the tracks into the western wood to a frozen pond. The glade was in the later autumn, significantly later in the year than the rest of Miredus. Our heroes quickly discovered why: an autumn nymph had claimed the pond for her own. She revealed to the party that another fey had taken the children to a cabin behind the pond; but left her some of them to entertain her. The poor dears had passed from this life due to the cold magic of the fey jester that took them. The evil nymph wanted children to tend to her pond and predators struck a deal. The heroes now faced the autumn spirit and her undead children in the frozen glade. Zephyram, filled with holy rage, struck first and surprised the naiad—-bringing her close to death. The others, working in splendid concert, supported each other and defeated the reanimated children. Together they then overcame the naiad.

Working quickly, they moved to the cabin behind the glade and heroically kicked down the door. They found a ghastly scene before them! The remaining eight children were seated at a table waiting for dinner—-or to be dinner! The emaciated gray jester was entertaining them, and draining their joy, with his dancing while a bloated witch prepared her meal. Gore soaked the ground and the children looked on, blank and helpless. Springing to action, the heroes assaulted the two foul creatures. With courageous vigor they quickly overcame the monsters and freed the children from the cabin. They put the haunted structure to the flame and returned to Miredus.

Their triumphant return to the city was still solemn, as they also had to report the deaths of four children to their respective parents. It had to happen of course, we have a certain kind of story we want to tell. Afterwards, the heroes went to bury the poor children outside of the city and returned for a well deserved respite.

Grandmother's House

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