House Rules

House rule:

If an action will place a character (NPC or monster too) to fall off an edge, said character gets a savings throw to grab onto the ledge. Effectively meaning they get two savings throws about damaging terrain. They do not get this for teleportaiton effects.

Fate Points

The usual system of extra points to due cool stuff incorporated in our games. Heavily borrowed (outright stolen) from Derrick at some points.

To convey the doom of Ravenloft, points have been modified from Scales of War.

Additionally, you may gain points every session like before…but you must have an appropriate number of Obsidian portal posts (Adventure logs, Wiki pages or character stuff) or a character’s mini to do so. An “appropriate number” = 1 post for every level of your character.

For example, if you are 6th level, you need 6 posts on the portal/ a mini in order to gain new fate points. So if you were sixth level and had a character background post, character portrait, theme song attached to the background, a mini and two adventure logs…you would be all set to gain fate points. However, once you hit 7th level you will need to do at least one more post to continue to gain points. (I don’t think this will be an issue with our group…but want to make it more story driven)

You Get 1 Fate Point for:
Having character background (awarded once)
Having character portrait (awarded each time there is a new portrait)
Having Character mini (awarded once)
Having a hand-painted mini (awarded once)
Having a Character theme song (awarded once. Characters may gain more points for additional songs every tier)
Performing spectacular stunts
Good role-playing
Bringing food/drink to the session
Being present when we start the session
Character journal entry (You gain between 1-3 points)
Referencing Portal pages in role playing (after making appropriate rolls referencing history, other information)
General DM bribery

Fate Points Can be used for:

Making your character Wicked Jacked.

2 FP: gain an action point (can be used once a session)

1-5 FP: gain a +1 on an attack or skill challenge roll per point spent. Up to a max of 3

5 FP: Gain the use of another daily item ability (allowing you to use multiple magic item dailies without a milestone)

5 FP: Reroll a failed saving throw (including death saving throw). Must accept second roll.

10 FP: Gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value.

FP: Create a generally awesome event or outcome. DM discretion.

Despair Cards

We will be using the Shadowfell Despair cards. I always thought that the Taint rules in 3.5 were cool, but complicated…and led to conflicts and…. too many taint jokes.

The Despair Cards are a deck of cards with negative effects. It is meant to represent the overall despair and hopelessness of the Shadowfell (Ravenloft) affecting the characters. The cards are designed for short term jaunts into the Shadowfell, and not campaigns. As such, the rules will be modified.

Players will draw one despair card at the start of every quest. They are subject to the effects of the card until they Overcome the effect (at which point they benefit from the boon each card gives). Players will be required to draw 1-3 additional cards each time they experience a horrific or frightening event (not the lame “you see a corpse = gain a point of madness/taint” stuff, but stuff like “you find a pile of dead babies with one zombie baby trying to eat its way out = gain 2 Despair cards”. ) and will be affected by the card as such. Some attacks by monsters will also generate Despair cards.

Every milestone, players may make a Despair saving throw for a Despair card of their choice. This roll cannot be modified by fate points or item effects. Players receive a -1 to this roll for every despair card they have in play (that are still negatively affecting them). If the player saves, he or she may Overcome one of the Despair cards in play (and gain it’s boon).

Despair cards do not go away after an extended rest. Every Despair card in play is removed from play at the completion of the quest.
Before drawing a Despair card, players may spend 5 fate points to discard it before it enters play.

House Rules

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