Second of the Ninth Moon 472

He took it!

The treacherous thief! The sniveling lich!

I’ve searched every inch of the castle, and I cannot find the Icon of Ravenkind. I had left it hidden in the old chapel I set up in memory of my mother. Lady Ilona had preferred I honored only Pelor in the chapel, but my mother was devoted to the old religion of her land. After my decent into my current state, I barred the chapel but I could not bring myself to destroy anything in it. It was all that I had of my mother.

There were nights that I went to the chapel door. I knew that the chapel was as dead inside as the castle and its lord, but more than once I thought I heard my mother weeping in the chapel. I didn’t dare to open the door. I would just stand there and shed bloody tears. I barely remembered my mother’s face anymore, but I felt like the image of that raven was burned into my mind.

The raven represented fate, a higher power than the gods themselves. Everything had a fate, some were fated to grow and triumph. Others were fated to fall and perish. Some were fated for both.

Was I like that? How far had I fallen?

Death. Fate. Inevitability. Whatever one called it, it represented a solemn truth: everything ends. The Raven represented this truth. To embrace your fate, live to the fullest to achieve all you were destined to, was the true duty of mortals.

My mother believed this and it was dear to her. And I loved her almost as much as I love Tatyana.

Does this mean that I believe the lies of ravens? I would spit at the thought, but ravens still hold a high place in my cold heart.

And the thought that Azalin stole my mother’s prized possession fills me with rage. I will destroy that lich. If he cannot be killed, I will send countless assassins to harm his people and disrupt his rule.

No one steals from me. No one insults my family.

So saith the Ravens.

Second of the Ninth Moon 472

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