Seventeen of the Fifth Moon, 471

I’ve awoken from a dream and found the world very changed.

Days after the incident in the woods, there was a terrible lightning storm. My grief subsided with excitement, for now the Apparatus would be charged. I remember Azalin and I standing out in the black, rain-soaked night waiting for the final lightning strike to activate the machine. We stared at each other, smirking in the dark—-for we both knew that the moment we arrived in Mordent we would attack each other.

The thunderbolt hit the rod and the orbs illuminated with bright blue light. I threw the switch and there was a flash of light.

What occurred after that is unknown to me. At first I thought I was struck down by the lightning, or Azalin, and placed into a deep torpor. Maybe the Apparatus’s explosion damaged me so that I needed to sleep. What is certain is that I dreamed quite vividly, and I dreamed of the land Mordent that I spied through the Apparatus. And there were two specific stories my dreams told.

My first dream was that I was valorous as I once was, and as kind as Sergei. I used my great magic and skill to help the people of Mordenshire. And there was a woman who I had fallen in love with, a Lady named Virginia. Whatever her name was in Mordent, I knew that her true name was Tatyana. Our love was pure and we were to be wed.

My second dream was that I was a roving beast, slaying and consuming all in my path. I killed many and the blood was rich and dark. I was consumed with rage and hatred, thinking Sergei was reborn and with Tatyana once more. I stalked through the streets of Mordenshire, looking for my brother and his bride.

There was a third dream, but it was much more vague than the other two. There was loss and defeat. Above all, there was blood.

After these dreams, I awoke in my coffin. I searched my castle for Azalin but he was not to be found. I could not sense him within my realm. Had the bastard escaped and left me behind? I was enraged, and also famished so I set out hunting. While searching for prey, I stole into a local tavern disguised as a traveler. Here, I learned many bizarre things. The first was that it had been sixteen months since that spring storm.

The second was that Barovia was no longer alone in the Mists.

It appears that Mordent has joined us in this prison. And another realm called Darkon is also on our borders. I cannot enter either of these realms, but my citizens can. I’ve sent scouts into these lands to uncover what secret force brought them here. Did the Apparatus bring Mordent here? And what of Darkon?

Most troubling of all, I am beginning to suspect that these dreams were not dreams at all. Mordent is real. If Mordent is real, it means that Virginia was real. Tatyana had come back once more.

Only to be lost again.

Seventeen of the Fifth Moon, 471

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