Sixth of the Tenth Moon, 396 Part I

After four decades of searching and planning, I finally have my vengeance.

It began as a subtle thing and it almost cost me my existence. But Tatyana has been avenged.

With my recent autumn tax collection came a letter from Lady Loviana Watcher. I barely remembered that, though just a girl of six at the time, she was in attendance the night of Sergi’s wedding. Her father and brothers had been murdered before I turned the tide against the assassins. I had left her alone these many years, watching her children grow and enter adulthood. Lord Strahd sent his congratulations through letter, of course.

Her letter explained that she believed to know the location of Leo Dilisnya. Flying on the cold winds, I arrived an hour after sunset. Loviana met me, disguised as Lord Vasili. Vasili was a humble retainer of the House of Strahd who perished in that wedding of blood, but left no family to mourn, so I have been using his persona to carry out duties that require a personal touch.

She was quite suspicious and almost did not speak to Vasili, until I presented a letter giving instructions that Lord Strahd wanted her to treat Vasili as she would treat her master. Loviana was cautious, no doubt owing to the increasingly dark reputation of Strahd. She knew she was in no danger, but was wise enough to be afraid all the same.

The Lady reluctantly told of a meeting with the monks of the White Monastery to the east. This was one of the temples dedicated to the new god of the dawn: The Morning Lord. I couldn’t care less about the morning god, but grew faint at the thought of religious symbols. Lady Watcher had arrived at the Monastery for the Festival of the White Sun—-a closing ceremony symbolizing the end of summer. It was at this event, that she spied a monk wearing a curious brooch, the brooch of the Dilisnya family. She only saw the man for a moment, but she swore that it was the same brooch and the same face she had seen as a little girl.

Though I scoffed at the thought that Leo had been hiding almost in plain sight so near to my castle, and that he had apparently not aged significantly in the past forty years, but I had to yield because I knew full well that there strange magicks in play in this realm. I assured Loviana that I, as Lord Strahd’s instrument, would bring justice to her family.

Before I left, the Lady asked me if I would kill Leo for her. I was careful when I told her I would punish him for her. I instructed her to meet me just before dawn that night and to tell no one of our conversation.

Sixth of the Tenth Moon, 396 Part I

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