The Council

The Council is the primary ruling body of Miredus since its arrival in Ravenloft. Prior to this, there was an advisory council also known as “The Council” that supported the King and organized the regency after Tobias IV‘s death. During the events of Vosk’s coronation, all members of this advisory Council were killed or vanished.

In the days that followed, the people of Miredus reorganized the body for republic governance. Members are voted into their position by the landowners of Miredus every two years. There are five Council positions and then a handful of auxiliary positions within the group.

The current Council is made of four men and one woman, all human that have held their seats since the Council was created. They are stern but fair in their application of the new laws of the kingdom of Miredus. Vosk has never acknowledged the Council, nor has the Council ever followed his edicts.

The current members are:

Garl Farley
Jonathan Greyston
Francis Durgan
Helana Eberhart
Edward Tench

The Council

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