The Festival of the Feasting Lord


The hateful whispers of Nathan Duray with the ravings of poor Giles left our players quite low in spirits. Who could blame them? Weighing the truth to claims that some dark, unseen group was puppeteering them—-certainly enough to unnerve many a hero. Barlow continued search the stars for answers, while Saima began to feel darker impulses of her own. All the while, our righteous characters tried to find strength in the warmth of a weak sun.

They were certainly suspicious of the caravan of travelers that arrived that morning. A wagon made its way through the streets of Miredus tossing food and goods to the weary townsfolk. This wagon was led by a cleric named Lestin, servant to the “Feasting Lord”. None had heard of the deity, but Lestin assured the people that JeJura the Feasting Lord was a god of celebration and consumption. Though weary of a ruse but fearing a riot from hopeful townspeople, Durgan and the heroes allowed the traveling caravan through.

A large tent was erected and almost two dozen faithful began to organize a grand feast. It was a truly remarkable sight and there was food aplenty. Most of the city folked to the green, a place many had not visited since Vosk’s Coronation. The party was ever watchful, and encountered Lestin, as well as two other priests: a human named Dayan and Fusan, a gnome cleric of the Feasting Lord. Ever suspicious, the party confronted the architect of the feast: a priest named Sirius Roch. A slob of man, Roch welcomed them to the event while filling his gullet with food. Our players were aware of some threat, particularly from Roch’s heavily armored body guard. They minced words with the priest and left the tent.

Fearing some form of threat, the heroes began corralling party goers into the abandoned church of Jura’s gods. This seemed to provoke a reaction from Fusan, who summed the bodyguard. The fighter then walked into the city with a group of men. Here the heroes knew something was afoot and followed them. Just by the city gate our heroes heard villainous talk and they confronted the guard. The guard revealed that he was a vampire and his group would feast on the people of Miredus! Obviously, our heroes wouldn’t stand for that and attacked the vampire and his men. The fight was vicious, and weighed heavily on the party’s resources, but they were able slay the vampire before he could warn his allies.

Determined to save the poor Miredian people, the players rushed to the haunted town green to confront Roch. As if warned by some sudden insight, the three priests of JeJura awaited the heroes. Dayan revealed his vampiric nature and beckoned Saima to join them in full undead. A troupe of vampires protected the priests and assaulted the heroes. As Fusan summoned more vampire spawn, Lestin stole Saima’s strength with his enfeebling rays. Were it not for Goodman’s prayers to the Morning Lord, the party would have surly perished in an orgy of blood. Danger makes for good stories, wouldn’t you agree? Struggling with their opponents, the party banded together and overwhelmed their targets one by one. Fusan was killed as Dayan turned into mist and fled. Lestin was forced to surrender, and did so with vile mockery. The party bound him to face the Order’s Justice and went into the massive tent to face the high priest.

A truly ghastly sight greeted them. A dozen or more citizens lay in piled throughout the tent and were being devoured by a swarm of vampires. The obese Roche watched from his throne, with a weakened Dayan standing next to him. He would have explained to the heroes that the Feasting Lord was a cannibal god, an ancient face within the Lands of the Mist, who hid under the guise of a god of plenty and decadence—-but Goodman would have none of it and filled the tent with the Morning Lord’s searing light. Most of the lesser vampires were destroyed at that moment, while Dayan weakened enough to succumb almost immediately to the heroes. Roche, now alone, face the heroes with a frenzy. One of the angels of the hunger god, Roche attempted to take massive bites out the flesh of our heroes. Alas, their rage was too great for the outsider and Roche was defeated.

Full disaster had been averted by the heroes’ quick action. Many were saved, and the wounds may be healed in time. But the fact remains that another tragedy has befallen the people of Miredus. How much can a people take? No doubt you are eager to see as well as we.

The Festival of the Feasting Lord

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