The Hall of the Kings


With our heroes obtaining the Key to the Tower, only the Sword of the Brother and the Crown of the King remained unclaimed. The party rested for a day before venturing to the solemn Hall of the Kings located outside of the city. It was at this hallowed tomb that the great kings of Miredus had been buried for many long years. No king had been in this place since Tobias IV, and his crown still rested within—-for Vosk insisted on a new crown to start his new line. One wonders if such hubris brought the cataclysm to Miredus.

Our players arrived at the tomb and respectfully bypassed the illusionary door protecting the hall. The main entrance way was guarded by a golem made out of gravestone. The golem warned the party to turn back or they would join the grave guards of the kings. Determined to save the city, the heroes ignored this threat. Immediately, ghosts of previous tomb raiders joined the golem and the party was beset by the guardians of the tomb. As expected, the defenders were unable to stop the progress of our heroes.

After by-passing the magical door, the heroes of Miredus arrived at the main chamber of the Hall of the Kings and gazed on the statues of the various kings marking passages to their tombs. Tobias IV and Hans III were located at the end of the chamber; their crypts located behind the statues. The party first went to Tobias and found that the crown of the kingdom’s beloved leader still buried with him. In Hans’s tomb, they found a lifelike statue of the king clutching the true sword of the fallen king. The statue was posed to depict the last battle of Hans verses the dragon Nagendra. Indeed, the bones of the terrible dragon were also in this tomb, hung up like a frightening marionette. The heroes took the sword from the statue and left the tomb.

They were foolish to think that they could leave the Hall of the Kings without incident. Before they could mount their horses to return to the city, a terrible rumble was heard from Hans’s tomb. The sounds of collapsing walls forced them outside and they saw a terrible sight: the dragon, long dead by Tobias’s hand, had reanimated and burst from the tomb! No doubt awakened by the heroes removal of the sword, the beast gloated about its undead return. The wyrm stated it would kill Vosk and offered rewards to any that would pledge fealty. Though the party briefly thought about setting Nagendra after Vosk, Barlow pointed out that without the fetters the dragon could become the new Dark Lord. With that, the heroes attacked the beast and brought a quick end to its return.

The players then returned to Miredus to plan their next move. They feared that openly challenging Vosk could result in violence towards the citizenry, so the heroes wisely kept their plans to themselves. They did seek out Durgan to tell him some of the plan. Unsurprisingly, Vosk seemed to hear them and a group of King’s Blade assailants tried to murder them and the Watch Commander. The heroes were able to defeat these undead warriors and realized that Vosk must have started to strike back. Knowing that Vosk’s Champion was likely going to find them, they left the Watch to face the horseman.

As they walked through the city, the heroes spied the dark champion on the city green. Atop his black steed in front of Vosk’s tower, the rider offered no words. His drawing of the wicked scythe said enough. A thrilling battle began with the heroes using their growing power to defeat the Champion as Vosk watched from the parapet. In dying, the Champion released a mental attack that filled several of the party members with dread and despair. Even still, the heroes unseated the rider and destroyed him.

Now, nothing stood between them and Vosk. With the fate of Miredus in the balance, the party prepared to assault Vosk’s stronghold.

One wonders what horrors and secrets will be revealed within Vosk’s Tower. We are certainly excited to share that story!

The Hall of the Kings

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