The Midnight Watch

The Midnight Watch is a secondary police force in the kingdom of Miredus focusing on combating supernatural and magical threats to the people of Miredus. Prior to the events leading to Miredus being stranded in Ravenloft, there was no official organization like the “Midnight Watch” and it’s role was mostly filled by paladins from the temple of Pelor who were very rarely called into action.

During the events of the coronation of Vosk, many paladins and clergy of Pelor were killed or vanished, and connection with Pelor was severed. The newly formed Council created an organization to work alongside The Order to protect the people. Mostly secular in make-up, many of the remaining paladins and faithful of Pelor fill the ranks of the Midnight Watch.

A monster hunting force, the Mignight Watch is unfortunately very busy in Ravenloft, as creatures from myths and other stranger things prey on the relatively unprotected populace. Few in number, they wage a nightly battle against the forces of evil that threaten to destroy Miredus.

The Midnight Watch are supported wholly by the The Council and The Order. They wear dark blue or black uniforms. The current leader of the Midnight Watch is Councilman Francais Durgan.

The Midnight Watch

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