Twenty-third of the Fifth Moon, 374

Another year has passed by. It is remarkable how the time slips away. My new condition seems to affect how the nights merge to weeks and on to months.. My frequent studies into the Art occupy most of my time, but other times I find I have wasted whole evenings just staring at the portrait Sergi had made of Taytana. There are times that it feels like everything has just been one night. One long, dark and bleak night since I lost her.

The night she was taken from me still cuts deep into me. I find ways to vent my rage: preying on the thieves and curious of the land. And no amount of blood seems to take that pain away. Perhaps when I find Leo, it will be better.

I also find myself wasting whole nights plotting my vengeance against the man that destroyed my life.
I was never much of a practitioner of the Art, leaving that to my various war wizards, but after having had years to study I’ve become rather accomplished. I would wager that my accomplishments would impress the Archmages of my youth, though I think the subject matter may horrify them.

When I’m not lost in study or the past, I am learning more and more about my condition. The powers of the vampyr are vast. The control I have over the weather and the beasts of the forests is uncanny; I can call up a storm with a thought and the wolves of the mountains call to me every night. Even with this power, there is still much to learn. I can alter my appearance and my form freely, wearing the skin of another man or changing into a wolf, bat, mist or even a beam of moonlight. I’ve used these powers for my own amusement and sometimes when I must seek prey.

Even with these powers, I cannot leave Barovia. The confines of my prison within this realm remain firm. The wall of mist never yields, regardless of how I try to bypass it. But I know what is going on near the wall, almost like I was there. I know when people are trying to enter or leave, and if I wish it, I can block the egress. How this happens I do not know, but I know that no one leaves or enters Barovia unless I will it. Luckily, this means that no matter what, Leo is still in Barovia. I will find him. I must focus. A thorough search will find him, there’s only so many places he could hide. I will find him. I just have to stay focused on this task.

Twenty-third of the Fifth Moon, 374

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