Lost in the Mists

A new beginning

We made our way to Vosk, without any real threat to our group. We learned that Goodman was formerly Vosk’s ally, but none of us cared. The past is the past after all, and after all he’s done for us only a fool would doubt Goodman’s intent. When we finally reached Vosk I was surprised by his demeanor and what he had to say.

I expected arrogance and delight in his cruelty, instead I saw sadness and resignation. He felt powerless to change himself or the world around him. He made a deal with a devil and gave up believing he could do anything positive. I was no less motivated to stop him, but I couldn’t help but pity the man. After failed attempts to convince him to surrender we fought Vosk.

As it looked like the fight was ending, Garrett blasted a hole right through Vosk’s chest. He immediately healed and continued fighting. We realized we’d need the sword to defeat him, so those who knew how to wield such a weapon passed it around until his body was destroyed. His spirit remained and was a much fiercer opponent. As the fight continued I called upon the light of the sun to blind him, and as he struggled to see again the light burned him away. It seemed fitting that such a creature of darkness would be destroyed by light.

After Vosk’s spirit faded away we all heard a chilling laugh. Someone out there found our struggles amusing, and although I’ve never heard him laugh, I know in my heart it was Strahd. I shuddered despite our recent victory at the thought of his hounds and the seemingly endless days I spent hiding. I steeled my resolve quickly as I realized I have powerful allies now, and that I have nothing to fear from him.

As if on cue, I felt myself absorb some of Vosk’s power. I feel more vigilant, more connected to the natural world, more connected to the light. I have become a more effective tool for cutting through the darkness of this world, and I could see a change in my allies as well. We will find a way to change the way this world works, to fight the despair, and to free the people. I have never been so confident of anything in my life.



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