Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 1

A tale of light begins

He is the way, for His light guides us.

The rays erupt from me now. I am become the sun, vessel of His holy light. My hymn complete, I sing this song with joy in my heart. It radiates out from my cold, spiky skin.

Barlow is slipping into something darker, like the opposite of my change. He thinks he is gaining knowledge, and power, and clearly he is, but at what cost? I know a thing or two about the road to power, and the sacrifices required. He must beware. I shall aid him in which ways I can.

Saima is trying, as well. I feel amused now that I ever worried she was in the dark. The love for her adopted child shines like His light. It may be misplaced love for her missing child, but that makes it no less true.

Zephyram’s change mimics my own. Divinity flows through him, though his is more violent than mine that makes it no less good. He makes violence holy, a chant echoes from his weapon as it swings through the air. I see it better than most.

Garrett has become chaos as I have become light. Everything about his is change. His muscles twitch, he eyes wink, his hair moves of its own volition. Yet he seems so in control of his swirling insanity. He does not worry me like Barlow.

Lucas has become more nervous, introverted. I’ve had barely a word with him since we toppled Vosk. Perhaps he mistrusts me for the revelations of the spectres of my past. No matter, I will build his trust again. I must still atone for my past sins, Vosk’s death has not changed my form, so my pilgrimage continues.

We collected together to decide what next. The writings and maps of Vosk are as from a madman, while also frighteningly making sense. It was decided, we must venture forth into the mist and attempt to find The Villain spoken of in the cards. He was the key. Even Vosk thought so, may He help me for agreeing with Vosk. The mists were cold and full of tricks. They tried to separate us and smother our life, even whispered to me that my friends were no more so, but I shone bright and burned the fog from my head and my surroundings. Apologies were made, roads were once more traversed. She will forgive me, in time.

We came upon an act of evil: a family departed and decapitated on the side of the road. Their clothing was strange, unseen by myself or my companions before.
We made camp off the road and sent Lucas to scout the town ahead, lest they be cannibals hungry and waiting.
Night fell like a blanket and a horseman appeared, wreathed in necromancy and glowing skulls, he made way towards us as Lucas ran towards us, screaming for us to flee to him.
We raced for a bridge as the horseman rode us down, slicing a brutal slash across Garret’s back. It took all of our combined efforts to confuse, rebuke and flee the evil horseman, who himself had no head.
We find ourselves now in Havensguard with a mystery to solve and a great evil to turn. He has guided us correctly again.



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