Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 2

Mystery ahead

He is the way, for His light guides us.

We left the village of Havensguard at His first light, making haste lest we come across the vile horseman again. We arrived in Tranquility where it supposedly all started, to find it was indeed the same. Time has passed slowly for the people of this heavily walled and warded town. Their records indicate it has been 40 years, but their age and their attitude tell a different story.
We met with Van Hessen, the mayor; a slight, untrustworthy man if I’ve ever seen one. His daughter lay ill inside, yet he, out of suspicion, would not allow a cleric to see you her. Reason eventually won the man over and he, along with several guards, led myself alone to administer to her. She was a quiet, hopeless child, filled with ennui. I imagine he keeps her locked away behind his walls always. It took a concerted effort to become conduit to His power to cure the girl’s affliction, more so than anything I’d ever felt before. I felt that I had healed her, and could plainly see it was so, but I also sensed that unlike every other time I’d performed the ritual, something prevented me from truly lifting it and it would return.
Also of note was a single blood red rose in the garden. It thrumed of importance yet revealed.
I filled in the rest of the points on the events they missed after Van Hessen expressed his gratitude and invited us for dinner on the morrow.
Late that same night a scream cut the sleep from me and I surged outside to find a woman cut down by the horseman mere yards from the city. I held vigel with Zephyram at the gates until His light greated us, then released several townsfolk of the burial duties, using the opportunity to put the poor soul to rest while also searching for clues regarding the horseman.
The grave keeper, an interesting fellow with too much experience amongst the dead, gave us indication of where he was buried. After laying the girl to rest we exhumed the horseman from his unmarked grave, only to find his skull missing and his heart likely taken as well. I surmise that this is why he claims the heads of his victims, for some misplaced rage at his primary aggressor.
As we considered this new mystery we were beset by a pack of ghouls and a living bank of grave dirt. After we dispatched the unholy abominations we traced their bath back to a mausoleum, which we are entering presently. I can only imagine what horrors await us. Regardless, His light shines bright, as it always has.



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