Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 3


Within the mausoleum lair we came upon a warren of unlife, ruled over by a wight who claimed fealty amongst the skulking graveyard denizens. I entreated him to provide us with the answers we sought regarding the horseman and leave this place but of course he sought more, they always seek more. So more we gave unto them. His light shone bright and burned the scourges as the other Points utilized their many talents to bring the poor unfortunate souls to rest. The wight, companionless and dripping black ichor, finally offered the information we wanted in exchange for its miserable excuse for life. I gave my word on my power, if he would leave this place forever. I know this didn’t sit well with many, but if I can be redeemed than I must offer the chance to others, no matter how despicable, musn’t I?
He lead us to the horseman’s head, in the lair of a great beast he raised and failed to control. We approach it now, as I watched the wight slink into the mists. Woe to him if he doesn’t change his ways, for I have faith the Morninglord will put us on his path once more.



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