Lost in the Mists

A servant's tale, part 5

Guiding Light

I have received a sign from The Morning Lord that I am on the correct path in seeking Lichdom: while traveling through the plains of Nova Vaasa, a lone rider approached in dawn’s first light. He was a dead man, on a dead horse, and though initially I perceived a threat, he turned out a benevolent force. A doedridere, as was later explained to us. Riders slain in battle that rise to accompany travelers, wholly unique to this land.
A helpful undead that appeared at dawn; His intentions could not be clearer, and His message has been received. I am on the right path. I suspected as much, though it is good to know it as true.
We also, in our travels, met a new companion. His name is Lockhold, a messenger of some kind. We verified he meant us no ill and permitted him to travel in the safety of our group to his destination. It was immediately clear that was a wise decision, for we were beset upon by a herd of hellish fire horses, Nightmares, someone said. They were a very dangerous foe. Lucky that we had Lockhold and the doedridere along with us. Or fate, as Barlow would remind me. His stability seems increasingly gossamer as he looks ever more to the stars. I shall have to ensure that my quest for unlife does not blind me to his ambitions. I will pray on his mental state, in hopes that He can guide me to something that can help Barlow before he goes too far.
I must look further into justice for the family we found skinned, as well. Whatever the monster that brought that evil to them, it must be stopped, lest it do the same to others.
We are tomorrow bound for Vorostokov via Kantora, the capital city of this land. Erik, an elder in the town we are bedding in tonight, gave us an in depth history lesson along with some useful information about the city. The Church of the Lawbringer reigns there, and any that stand out are not tolerated. That should be amusing. I seek no quarrel with misguided worshippers of an unloving God, but neither will I stand aside while good people are struck by those who think they know better. Someone must defend those who cannot. The Sun’s rays burn not only the unholy, but all who perpetrate evil, no matter what mask they wear.



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