Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 3

The points collect.

So it was that your humble servant, trapped in his form, did relinquish the exhile of the wood and joined with five. Five points of light in a dark place, from which your humble servant shone in the center, lending his light to theirs, building upon it.
Lucas, the native. A man from the darkness around but new to our lands.
Barlow, the seer. Who gazes unto the heavens and sees destiny there.
Zephyram, the divine wrath. Servant of a lost God your humble servant once communed with, rage given body.
Garrett, the change. Entropy follows his every movement, but entropy can be harnessed for the Light.
Saima, the walker between. She cries for justice from the Dark, but has much of it within.
Goodman, your humble servant. Healing the sick, protecting the weak, bearing your Light unto all.
Together these six came together to find death and despair in a place of innocence. Children spirited away, teachers with the life crushed out of them, monsters lying in wait. The monsters were banished, the path fresh.
A place of cold in the wild, a spirit of water, frozen and heartless, with innocence robbed beneath the ice. Your humble servant laid the children to rest, while the divine wrath and others brought the icy spirit to an end.
A home in the woods, but no sanctuary to be found. Innocents enthralled by servants of the dark. Your humble servant brought your light to protect the collected points, while the seer looked to the stars to fortell the future of she who walks between.
And lo, the Light banished the Dark and brought the children home. Your humble servant offered words and your love to those that lost, what little balm it was.
One sun cycle later, the collected points laid the passed children to rest and took a rest ad well, awaiting the next incursion of Dark.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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