Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 7

Length of rope

Sleep evaded Your humble servant, and in wakefulness came awareness of those points which should be watched, lest they journey further down the dark path. The seer did spend nights awake as well, studying the pilfered captain’s glass, and the walker between lurked around him. Whether for good or ill has yet to be determined.
A scream cut through the night, an executioner executed seemingly by his own hand, but through Your guidance light brought truth and dark play was revealed. The collected points sought the burial site of a DuRay, exhiled from Your light in unconsecrated ground for his crimes. The dark corrupted this place and several of the restless dead assaulted the collected points along with a tree, twisted from its true purpose.
Your humble servant fell in battle, but You saw fit not to take him, lest work go undone.
DuRay’s bones had been defiled, but no culprit was apparent. The Magistrate was next in danger, but too late, for he was found hanged.
Your humble servant began to fear his association with DuRay would come to light in a violent way, but it would be the Councilman next.
An attack in the very council chambers, at the stroke of midnight. An adversary given body in an impossible length of rope, defeats by your light, and no further darkness apparent.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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