Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - A Long, Cold Night

After leaving Kantora we hiked westward. We were able to cross the border into Vorostokov without incident, which was a welcomed relief. The relief did not last long, however, as we were greeted by a harsh blizzard as soon as we entered the forest of Vorostokov.

Ahead of us was a mountain, and as we climbed it the snow and wind beat down on us. The temperature quickly dropped and we were in severe danger of freezing to death. We pushed onward; at one point I was forced to use my shield to plow a path through the snow for the rest of the group. I’ve never seen a snowstorm like that before in all my lives.

Working together, we were able to continue our ascent up the mountain. When all hope was nearly lost, we found a cabin in the middle of the woods just as the storm began to die down.

Let’s hope the weather continues to be mild tomorrow.



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