Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - A Vorostokovian Werewolf in Ravenloft

As we investigated the cabin we found we could see the remains of a violent scene. Multiple people had been murdered, and even the animals had been slaughtered outside, as I discovered. As we pored over the scene, we could hear strange whispers from out in the night, which then gave way to screams.

Something was clearly coming for us, so we barricaded ourselves in the cabin. There was a clawing sound from right outside the cabin, so I moved to the window to investigate and that’s when three burned skeletons rose up and attacked. I attacked one through the window and then moved outside to try and keep as much attention away from my companions. The skeletons were joined by two other creatures, one which could fly and summoned fire, while the other was armed with vicious bony claws.

The fight waged into and out of the cabin multiple times as we tried to get a handle on our attackers. After we put them all to rest, Goodman consecrated the area… something he has to do a lot of these days. We rested in the cabin for the night and set out the next morning.

On our way to Barovia we found a small village. Those living there were a simple people, and while they were somewhat suspicious of us at first, they soon offered us what little help they could. But they told us of creatures that stalked the forest.

The town elder, Durlain, explained things in more detail. He told us that Gregor, who we quickly surmised to be the Dark Lord of the area, was a prince who had killed his wife. After her murder he began hunting his subjects. He had become a werewolf, but rather than fear the transformation, he embraced it. The evil atrocities he committed dragged he and his realm into Ravenloft. Now, he and his pack regularly hunt on the night of the full moon. Anyone who was outside the village walls during a full moon was surely doomed, and even those inside the village weren’t safe.

As is our luck, we were in the village on the night of a full moon. And since Gregor is the dark lord of the realm he would know of our arrival. With seemingly little choice in the matter we offered to protect the village as best we could.

As night fell we could hear the pack off in the distance. I began beating my axe on my shield and shouting for Gregor to show himself. We didn’t have to wait long. Gregor, his other werewolves, and his human barbarian slaves all swarmed into the town. Gregor admitted that he was looking forward to hunting us, and offered to leave the rest of the villagers alone if we would run, to make it a sporting hunt, as it were.

What choice did we have? We ran for the border to Barovia.



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