Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Dawn Rises when Darkness Dies

We have entered the tower. Vosk tried using a swarm of undead ravens to keep us out, but we handily defeated the vicious little creatures.

Upon first entering the tower, we faced more of the King’s Blade. Even this elite guard were no match for us and we quickly put them to rest. We entered a large hall and faced the specters of Vosk’s past. At some point in the past Vosk belonged to a group of sell-swords. When Vosk was punished for his evil ways the rest of his group was apparently also punished. Among those we faced were a monk, a diplomat, and a wizard. They had been transformed into different undead abominations. The shock came when they revealed, in malicious glee, that our own Goodman had once been their cleric of Pelor.

Goodman’s former allegiance to Vosk and his companions came as quite a surprise, although Goodman has always been secretive of his past and somehow always seeking to repent for something. Despite the attempts of Goodman’s former allies to drive a wedge between us, we did not waver in our loyalty to him, and we all came together to defeat them.

We now prepare to ascend to the upper levels of the tower. We will defeat Vosk. We must.



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