Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Dead Men DO Tell Tales

After the whole feast nightmare we once again were given a few days off. In the aftermath the citizens of the town began building a monument to those who were killed by the vampires, and Lestin was put on trial. He was found guilty and hanged on the green.
Shortly after the hanging, it was announced that Vosk would make his annual address to the city in three days. Durgan told us to be ready for anything, and it didn’t take long for us to find out what “anything” could be. The apothecary, Lirn, was found dead. Initially, it was believed he was killed by a vampire, but we were able to quickly determine that he was not killed by vampire at all.

I asked some witnesses about what they might have seen and learned of a group, all wearing similar cloaks, that had been visiting Lirn’s shop in the days leading up to his death. Goodman, meanwhile, had a ritual that let him speak with Lirn’s corpse. Lirn’s animated body told us that it was a man named “Revince” who led the group that killed him, and that they were there to “tie up loose ends”.

We learned that Revince and his group had been visiting Lirn’s shop for the last couple of weeks. Revince, we believed, could be Captain Revince of the Order. Based on what we were able to find, it looked like Lirn had received a large sum of money and was using it to acquire several different materials from the other apothecaries in town. We questioned the owners of the other shops and were able to figure out that Revince and his men were gathering large amounts of salt, crushed flint, magnesium, and mercury. These ingredients can be combined to create explosives. And with the citizens of the city gathering in just a few days to hear Vosk’s address, we could deduce what the target would be. It may be that whoever the mastermind of this plot is; they plan on killing Vosk and replacing him, sacrificing as many innocent civilians as possible in order to supplant him.

We knew that a large forge would be needed to create the explosives, so we set about trying to find somewhere that would contain one. In an abandoned blacksmith shop by the water, we found their workshop. They had left a trap, four barrels of their explosive, in order to destroy anyone who was on their trail. Thankfully, my companions are a talented bunch and were able to disarm the trap.

At this point we decided we needed to inform Durgan, and bring in Revince for questioning. Revince had retired for the evening, so we went to his house to find him, but it appeared that he hadn’t been there for several days. We went back and informed Durgan. It was beginning to grow late, so we decided to take a few hours to rest.

The next morning we were told that Councilman Greyson’s wife, Elyse, had been murdered. It again had been disguised as a vampire attack. Goodman used his ritual to speak to Elyse’s body. We learned that her own husband had slain her, in order to save their daughter Megan. We immediately went to Councilman Greyson and placed him under arrest. We started questioning, while I sent one of the guards to go fetch Durgan.

Greyson was very uncooperative when we tried to question him. But we were able to apply pressure with threats to both him and his daughter. He finally admitted that he had been conspiring with a devil known as Al-Keymer. Greyson had discovered that Vosk had made a deal with Al-Keymer that allowed him to defeat his enemies in the Drought War. Apparently, when Vosk’s coronation was interrupted by whatever power brought us to Ravenloft, it also interrupted Al-Keymer’s plans.

Al-Keymer was looking to advance in rank through his gains from Vosk’s deal. With Miredus, and Vosk, being drawn into Ravenloft, Al-Keymer sought a way here as well. Eventually Greyson contacted him and made a new pact: Greyson and his daughter would be free from Ravenloft and in exchange Greyson would kill Vosk and as many other people as possible. While I can understand wanting to protect one’s daughter, this man could not be more misguided in his attempts to do so.

After getting the full story on his plans Elyse’s corpse entered the room. Al-Keymer was possessing her body and tried to sway our loyalties by offering us whatever we desire. It seemed that for a moment, Saima was considering his offer to reunite her with her daughter, but in the end, she remained strong and turned down his offer. With the refusal of anything he could offer us, a fight was our only recourse.



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