Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Enter the (Skeletal) Dragon

With the help of our hostage, we found the Queen’s throne room. Fannis, the dark elven queen, and a Redcap, were by the throne. Surrounding them were the queen’s guards.
We tried diplomacy first. We demanded the mantle that the queen’s subjects had stolen, but she refused to be reasonable. She threatened the children of Miredus. We had no choice but to fight.

The battle spanned the queen’s throne room. But one by one, her subjects fell until she, too, died in her foolish quest to subjugate the people of Miredus. With her death, we had the key to the tower. We still needed the crown of the king and the sword of the brother.
After taking some time to rest, we set out the next day for the King’s Tomb, which lies outside of the town.

After we got past an illusionary door protecting the tomb, we were greeted by a large stone golem. It warned us to leave immediately, or we would be killed and forced to serve as guardians to protect the tomb from future intruders. When we refused to leave, we were attacked by the ghosts of previous tomb raiders. While the spirits proved to be tricky adversaries, we were able to defeat all of them.

After defeating the ghosts we went to Tobias IV’s crypt first. We found his crown interred with him. After taking the crown, Goodman made sure to say a short prayer. Disturbing the buried dead is not something we wish to do, but the good of Miredus requires it.
After getting the crown, we found Hans III’s crypt, which contained the sword. The tomb of Hans III also had the bones of Nagendra, a mighty dragon that Hans had bested in battle. We took the sword, Goodman again said a prayer, and we left.

Just after we exited the Hall of the Kings, we heard a terrible rumble behind us. Nagendra’s skeleton burst forth, reanimated and ready for a fight. Nagendra offered us the chance to serve him, and said that he would kill Vosk.

We hesitated for the briefest of moments when we thought about using Nagendra to take out Vosk, but then Barlow reminded us all that without the fetters, Nagendra would just assume Vosk’s place. So with that we rushed the undead dragon and destroyed it. Goodman again said some prayers in order to keep the skeleton from rising again.

We returned to town and were told that Vosk’s champion was looking for us. We went to Durgan, at the barracks. While we didn’t tell him exactly what we were up to, we did all we could to assure him that we were working in the best interest of the town. Considering our record of heroic deeds, he decided to trust us. But then soldiers from the King’s Blade appeared at the entrance to the building. They killed those closest to the door before we burst into the room. They were clearly undead. We immediately attacked and were able to dispatch all of them. It seemed that we had to go find Vosk’s champion immediately, so we set out.

We found him on the green outside the tower. Vosk watched from a window in his tower as the champion drew its scythe and rode toward us. I quickly ran up to him and drove my axe into his flank, but he ignored me. Instead he rode forward through most of the group, trampling whoever was in his way.

Working together we quickly got the champion off his horse. I used my teleportation abilities to separate the two. With both of them on the ground, we quickly surrounded each of them and defeated them.

Vosk didn’t stay to watch the end of the fight.



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