Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Never Trust a Pirate

The island wasn’t very large, but still contained some dense forest. Working together, we were able to find a hill that likely would make the best camp site. Sure enough, we found the decayed bodies of several former crew members from The Briny Pig. As soon as we approached, though, the bodies stood up and began attacking us. They had become undead monsters and the former captain lead the assault.

We used the hill to our advantage, forcing several of the group, including the old captain, down to the bottom so we could kill some of the others. Whatever power had raised the dead sailors had given the old captain some surprising abilities. For instance, when we first thought we had bested him he was swallowed up the ground and reappeared at the top of the hill. He stayed down the next time, thankfully. The spyglass was on him. We also noticed that it looked as though all the sailors had been shot in the same spot on the side of their head. It suggested that, contrary to what we were told, they were all brought to that spot on the island and executed.

We went back to The Briny Pig and the crew was elated to the spyglass back. They didn’t seem very welcoming or grateful to us, though. The demeanor of the sailors was dismissive at best, and outright hostile in some instances. We decided we wouldn’t go anywhere alone on the boat until we arrived back in Miredus. That night the sailors began celebrating raucously, looking forward to their journey home. I decided to go up to the deck with Saima and Lucas to try and learn more about the situation.

The men were still dismissive or hostile towards us, but I was able to get one talking. I wasn’t able to learn much, but he didn’t seem at all sorry to hear about the deaths of his former shipmates. With more prodding it seemed likely that our suspicions were correct that the former captain and his supporters had been executed on the island. He also told me that the current captain of The Briny Pig is aware of everything happening on his ship, as Vosk is likely aware of what happens in Miredus. Something about Ravenloft ties people to places or items and gives them power.

The next morning as we approached Miredus the situation was tense. The crew on deck seemed to be anticipating something besides just returning home. It seemed like they were waiting for a moment to jump into action. We passed the point that The Briny Pig had previously weighed anchor and it became obvious that the captain was about to order the men to begin some kind of attack. I asked the captain how he could believe in such action, knowing that it was evil actions which brought them to Ravenloft in the first place. His answer was that Ravenloft both punishes and rewards evil actions, and that is part of its mystery.

We didn’t have much choice, so we attacked the crew first. The crew had the benefit of fighting on their own ship, but they underestimated how well our group works together. We smashed our way through them. As the captain lay dying I told him that our killing of him and his crew is how we answer his treachery. He replied that we would never leave Ravenloft before he choked on his own blood.



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