Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Dark Lords

After our meeting with Azalin we returned to bed, where we were all brought together in a dream. In the dream, Azalin took us through the path we would use while infiltrating the Necropolis. His dark tower, the Grim Fastness was now inhabited by Death. Azalin told us that his ritual was interrupted when he broke through to the Gray Realm, the realm of the dead. This is what triggered the Requiem. We would need to complete the ritual in order to break Death’s connection to the Gray Realm and defeat him.

We woke up and had been transported to a spot just outside the Necropolis. We grit our teeth and marched through the black gate. The cold emptiness of death swept over us immediately. So strange, it didn’t hurt at all.

I was transformed into a wight; my chalk-white skin was tightly stretched over gaunt, wiry muscles. I decided to avoid looking into reflective surfaces for the remainder of our trip. Saima looked as if she had become consumed by her vampiric nature. Barlow rose as an allip. Lucas was now a ghoul, and Garret was some kind of spirit. Goodman’s transformation was the most chilling, I think. He was reanimated as a death knight.

We marched towards the dark tower. The inhabitants of the Necropolis avoided us. We went down into the disgusting stagnant moat that circled the tower. Crocodile-like monsters and a hooked horror attacked us in the moat. We dispatched them with relative ease and entered the tower through the secret door that Azalin had shown us in the dream.

We walked into a hallway and found a large pile of corpses blocking us. Azalin told us that we would need to face his guardians in order to get through the tower but he didn’t warn us exactly what the guardians were. The true nature of the guardians was one of the more disturbing things I’ve ever bore witness to. The corpses all began to animate, but they quickly began splitting apart in an explosive display of some dark magic. The flesh from the corpses assembled together into some kind of flesh golem. The bones from the corpses pulled themselves together into a large spiked ball. The blood and organs pooled together into a grotesque ball of blood. The three putrid automatons then attacked us.

Despite the disturbing nature of these creations, and the powerful magic fueling them, we were able to defeat them through teamwork and by tapping into the abilities granted to us by the Shroud.

We continued onward, passing the black iron door that Azalin warned us about, and instead making our way to the laboratory. We searched for anything that could help us complete the ritual and defeat Death. While we were searching Barlow found a notebook. Being Barlow, he of course read the notes out loud. The notes were spell, which Barlow activated. He summoned some kind of fire elemental into the laboratory that immediately attacked us. We dashed all over the room fighting the damn thing, but quickly destroyed it.

Sometimes I wonder if Barlow does some of these things on purpose.

We’re continuing our search of the lab in hopes that we will be able to learn all we need to about the ritual. Hopefully we won’t cause another Requiem explosion.



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