Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Peace Returns to Tranquility

With the raised specter of the hydra put to rest, we had the Horseman’s head. Now we needed his heart.

We returned to the mayor’s estate in Tranquility for dinner. We sat down at a long table with the mayor and his daughter. During the meal, Lucas excused himself and acquired the Horseman’s heart.

We raced back to the graveyard and restored the Horseman’s grave. Goodman blessed the area and we placed a small marker. We made our way back to the road and were faced with the Horseman’s spirit once again. Despite our attempts to peacefully resolve the situation, the Horseman’s ghost was too strong, and too deranged, to go quietly.

The Horseman’s ghost charged at us, and raced about the road as we fought to take him down. He was a monstrous opponent, but we proved victorious in the end. With the final blow, the people of Tranquility would no longer need to fear this horrifying tormentor.
But our work was not done.

We returned to the mayor’s estate. Between what the White Reeve disclosed to us, and what else we had learned along the way, we could not in good conscience leave Tranquility without confronting the mayor. While he first attempted to avoid any blame, he quickly gave in to our questions when it was apparent that we would not allow his charade to continue.

The mayor left the town. His daughter decided she would not be accompanying him. We agreed to stay in town for several days while the town elected a new governing council. The townspeople were overjoyed that the Horseman would no longer be terrorizing them, but the joy was marred by one more tragedy. The mayor’s daughter killed herself. Her body was found at the Horseman’s grave. We buried her body next to his so that they may hopefully find peace together.

It looked as though Tranquility was in good hands, and would have a much better future. And so we left to continue along the road. There is still so much more to do. I wonder where the mists will take us next.



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