Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - The Curse of the Briny Pig

This has been an interesting couple of days…

After our week off, which I spent reading a few books that I had been meaning to get to, we were sent on another patrol within the city. This time we were on the eastern side of the city when things once again took a turn for the unexpected.

We were there walking near the blacksmith’s shop and we noticed a group gathering by the shore. There was a large ship approaching. We’ve never seen a ship in the whole time we’ve been in this Ravenloft. Because we have no docks the ship’s crews moored the vessel a few hundred feet offshore and then a few men rowed over in a dinghy.

The whole process took a while, which gave us ample time to alert Durgan, and make sure that one of the other council members was also present at the shore. We cleared all the civilians from the area and waited with a contingent of the city police force, as well. When the sailors finally reached us, we were greeted by Vert Lumere. Lumere was not the captain of the vessel, which he said was called the “Briny Pig” (what a name for a boat), but he spoke for the captain. They wanted to offer us a mutually beneficial trade. Barlow picked up on it first, but Lumere was definitely putting on an extra sugary-sweet face for us. The deceit didn’t win him any trust from us. But the council agreed to meet with him and so Vert was offered an audience in the council’s chamber. After their discussion the council needed time to discuss the matter, so Lumere and his two companions were offered rooms at the inn for the night.

That night while speaking with people at the tavern, I learned that a great many people in the city are looking for any release they can get from the bleak lives we have been living these last several years. They were desperate to try to run away with these sailors. I also overheard Lumere with one of the barmaids later in the night. He teased her with a chance to run away if she agreed to leave her blind father to die. She agreed, and he rubbed her face in it, told her she deserved to be here, and then tossed her out.

When the council met with Lumere the next morning, they agreed to his deal. The crew of the Briny Pig required the seamstresses and tailors of Miredus to repair their sails. And they also needed a team of adventurers to perform an errand for them. In return the people of Miredus would gain knowledge of the world of Ravenloft, as well as grain and salted meat. A very beneficial trade for the city, indeed. My group was chosen to perform the errand. We haven’t worked together much, but I think we make a good team, despite how odd some of them seem. Goodman has been really stand-offish the last couple of days. I think the incident with the children has just affected him more deeply than he’s willing to admit. Barlow continues to read the stars and speak with a wild look in his eyes and an exasperated madness in his voice. Lucas let slip that he was creepily watching us from the bushes for months before introducing himself to us. Saima and I seem to be becoming good friends. Some of the others are put off by her vampiric nature, but she has given me no reason to hold it against her.

We were brought to the Briny Pig via dinghy where we were introduced to the captain of the ship; a well-dressed, and well-spoken man. We learned a lot about this Ravenloft that we find ourselves in. My long-standing suspicions that we had been transported to another plane of existence were confirmed. And it seems that this happens often here, with whole villages, towns, landmasses being brought here. Lords rule over all these little domains and have a certain amount of power over them. Vosk is almost assuredly lord of Miredus in Ravenloft, which means our futures are tied to his. As for the crew of the Briny Pig, their fortune is tied to their former captain’s, and more specifically right now, his old spyglass. Our errand is to fetch the spyglass from the island where the captain was last seen; a small island full of shadowy nightmares and beings that can reach out with their minds and enter the thoughts of others.

We’ve just arrived on the island. I’m writing this now in case we don’t make it off. We have three days to find the spyglass before the Briny Pig leaves without us. So far we’ve encountered just one of the island’s inhabitants. It was a disgusting looking beast that could grab hold of our minds and briefly command us to obey it. I usually like to try and grab the attention of our enemies; I’d rather take the hit than let one of my allies possibly get hurt too badly. But what if we face more of these things and I can’t protect my friends?



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