Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - The Dawn of Hope

We left the large hall where we had just defeated Goodman’s former allies. A staircase led us up into a room dominated by a large statue of Vosk. Memories came flooding back from the time before we were brought to Ravenloft. Vosk had ordered the statues of his fallen enemies to be melted down so this statue could be cast in his likeness.

As we stood there before the statue, it creaked and shuddered to life. It quickly began an attack on us. I darted around behind the statue in an attempt to flank it. The statue packed a strong punch, but we were able to defeat it without too much trouble.

With the statue destroyed, we moved onward and came to Vosk’s throne room. Vosk sat in his throne, and his King’s Blade bodyguards stood on either side of him. Vosk taunted and insulted us, but we refused to back down. We gave him the option of a quick death and his calm demeanor gave way to agitation. He spoke of the Masters of the Mist and told us that we, like him, were just tokens in the Masters’ game. Vosk told us that the Masters had lost interest in Vosk and so they were using us to execute their will.

We tired of delaying the inevitable and so the fight began. The King’s Blade guards were nothing we weren’t used to by now, but Vosk was a fearsome foe. He seemed to take a special delight in slashing through Goodman’s metallic hide, but despite Vosk’s best attempts, we would not be cowed. Arcing through the battle as a bolt of lightning, Garret zapped himself into Vosk’s throne. From there he blasted Vosk with a ray of divine light which bored a hole straight through Vosk’s chest. Vosk fell to his knees, but did not die, and in a moment was back on his feet. Barlow deduced that we needed to use the sword to truly kill Vosk. I grabbed the blade and was able to drive it deep into Vosk’s flank. It obviously weakened him. We passed the sword around in an effort to keep Vosk from defending himself. It worked and we were able to cut down the dark lord.

Vosk wasn’t quite finished yet, though. As his body fell to the floor, his spirit coalesced in front of us. He flew at us in a rage and tried to attack our very life forces. We were able to quickly defeat the spirit, but needed to make sure he wouldn’t come back.
Acting without delay, we put the Crown of the King on Vosk’s lifeless corpse, and then sat his body in the throne.

As we stood there looking upon Vosk’s corpse on the throne, we were looking at the end of a nightmare that had lasted more than five years in the minds and hearts of the people of Miredus. But what happens now? Will it be just another nightmare? Despite Vosk’s death, Miredus remains in Ravenloft. We were not transported back to Jura.

Upon leaving the tower we discovered that the wall of King’s Blade soldiers had vanished, but what replaced it was a dense, eerie mist. It looks like we’ll need to search beyond the borders of Miredus to learn more.



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