Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - The Fellowship of the Feast

The affair with DuRay and the ravings of Giles have left us all feeling… out of sorts. The idea that we are somehow the puppets of some dark force just hangs on our shoulders like dead weight. I haven’t slept well these last few days.

During the tail end of our shift, a wagon entered Miredus and the occupants of it began tossing food out to the people. Fresh looking food. Good looking food. The kind of food the people here have not eaten in years. A cleric led the folk who were sharing the food, and his name is Lestin. He spoke of the “Feasting Lord, JeJura.” He and his people wanted to hold a grand feast in the city, as was the will of their lord. Durgan and the council had to agree to the feast, because it looked like the people would riot if they refused.

We had several hours to prepare before the feast, but instead of getting right to sleep I went out and took a look at the rest of Lestin’s caravan. Lucas came with me, and despite spending a couple hours searching about outside of town, and watching the members of the caravan set up their big tent, we didn’t see anything suspicious. They set up on the old green where Vosk’s coronation was held.

The feast began and while I was happy to see so many of the city folk enjoying themselves, I couldn’t shake the bad feeling I was getting. There were a lot more people from Lestin’s group than I had seen in the afternoon. Even if they were all hiding in the wagons, it still looked suspicious that there were so many more of them. We spoke with some of the members of Lestin’s faith, including the individual who seemed more or less in charge. His name is Sirius Roch and he acts like no holy man I’ve ever seen before. He also weighs more than any holy man I’ve ever seen.

As the night wore on, the townspeople began showing the signs of excessive food and drink. They were passing out, stumbling about, and speaking incoherently. The others and I corralled them into the old church so we could keep them safe in case Lestin’s people tried to attack. It turns out we were right to suspect them. Our actions drew the attention of Feasting Lord’s followers and soon a heavily armored man was leading a group of men out into the city. A few of us followed them and we discovered that the “holy people” of the Feasting Lord were vampires! They were planning an attack, including lighting the old church on fire.

We needed to attack before this contingent could rejoin with the main group back at the green. The fight was brutal, but we won. But our work isn’t done if we’re going to make sure the people of Miredus are safe. This promises to be one hell of a party.



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